Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cue Theme Music.  Cue Host.

HOST:   And welcome back for the third hour of Radio Free T4G, where we are blogging and podcasting, live, direct from the Kentucky Fried Chicken Center in Louisville, Kentucky.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

(music fades).  I am your humble host—so humble, in fact, that I don’t get invited to any of the big conferences, but don’t get me started—wouldn’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist or anything, would I?   Okay, let’s take our first call.  Hello, you’re on Radio Free T4G.

CALLER:   Hi!  Am I on?

HOST:   Yes, you’re on Radio Free T4G.  Who’s this? 

CALLER:   This is Marilee.

HOST:   Hey, Marilee—what’s up?

CALLER:    I’ll tell you what’s up: Those GoAnimate® videos are brilliant!  Just brilliant!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Federal Vision
was all a Big Joke!

 “It just got out of hand,” says Douglas Wilson

One of the most vigorous in-house controversies within the Reformed theological tradition has taken a bizarre turn.  Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, one of the forefathers (and we do mean fathers) of the Federal Vision, has revealed that it was all an elaborate prank, one which got seriously out of hand over the past decade. Rev. Wilson graciously agreed to an interview with Sergius Martin-George, the Steam Tunnels Editor in Charge of Editing Operations, via Skype™, from his home in Moscow, Idaho.

SERGIUS MARTIN-GEORGE: Douglas Wilson, thank you for joining us at The Steam Tunnel.

DOUG WILSON:  Serge, it’s my pleasure.  I really enjoy your blog.

SMG:  Really?  Because that’s high praise coming from someone who has written a book on satire.

DW: Well, you guys have done some really funny stuff.  Loved the pieces on Rick Warren, by the way. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

When Harold Camping made his statement of repentance earlier this year and promised that he would make no more end-of-days predictions, a little voice told me this was going to be big.   It was my wife, Jasmine’s.  “Woody,” she said, “This is going to be big.  You just watch—You’ll see.”

Jasmine was right.  It may be pure coincidence, but it seems to the untrained observer that Camping’s actions have occasioned a “season of repentance” in contemporary evangelicalism.  The statements have come one after the other in rapid succession; some of us can hardly believe their content—let alone who has been making them.  Here’s the story: